Trustee Sale

Top Pick List of Property Foreclosures, will be emailed to clients every night.

If you see a property you like on the Top Pick list, call us or email and get you title info.

If you want to view a drive report of a property with pictures, call us or email and will send you the drive reports right away.

  • To Bid on a Property call us and give your request with the maximum bid if we buy the property we resell it to you for a small flat amount no matter what we pay for it.
  • Hard Money Financing Available The foreclosure properties need to be paid for the next day by 5pm. If you cannot pay cash, we have Hard Money available for our customers
  • Title Insurance and Hazard Insurance we can get our clients commitments for Insurance within 24 Hours
  • Receive Emails with Complete Foreclosure List to our customers every afternoon and our entire foreclosure list for the next day.

If you see something on the list you like and is not listed on our Top Pick List, just call or email us. You are able to receive title information, drive reports, and access to bidding on a property.

We make it happen for our Clients!