Wholesale Properties

  • 1st step make sure your on our email list of new houses hitting the market - SIGN UP NOW
  • To see vacate properties you'll need to pick up master key from our office
  • To see occupied properties - you can drive by and/or ask the tenants if it's OK to view the inside of the property (unless we advise in the email DON'T CONTACT TENANTS)
  • Once you choose a property you want to buy contact your us right away
  • Tell us if you're paying cash or need a hard money loan
  • If you need a hard money loan your rep will set it up the loan with a lender that can close under our process. The rep will tell you who to make the cashier check out from the down payment. The check need to be delivered to the office right away. The property will be sold to the first person to deliver the check
  • If you paying cash you'll need to bring in a cashier check to the office for the full purchase price. If you need an extra 48 hours you can deliver a $5,000 none refundable cashiers check to the office to hold the property
  • All sales are done in the office. If you want Title Insurance we can provide you a direct title commitment. There will not be an open escrow everything is handler in our office.
  • What you will receive once your deliver a cashier check for the full purchase price - Special Warranty Deed, Affidavit of Value, one page as-is contract. If you purchase the direct title commitment the title company will record all the documents.
  • If you choose to close through a normal escrow there will be a $10,000 none refundable earnest deposit and the price will increase a min of $10,000 plus a per day fee.
  • All properties are sold as-is and the buyer is responsible for back taxes owned on the property

Please use the form below to register for the site so you can view our wholesale properties. If you have already registered please login.