You have taken the first step in accessing the number one foreclosure market in the country, the Phoenix Arizona metro area. Property prices are at an historic low, many well below replacement value.

What is Bid4U properties? Simply, one of the easiest and most risk-free ways to acquire property substantially priced below the retail market. We have been buying properties, at public auction and wholesaling them to our clients for over 15 years. Our market knowledge and skills allow us, and our clients, to purchase the very best properties. We only purchase properties at drastically discounted prices for the given areas to minimize investment risk and maximize profits.

When you work with us, we provide honest and transparent transactions. Tell us what you want, the price range and we will find the properties. No gimmicks if you give us the lead or direction for a property we will resell the property to you for a small flat amount no matter what we pay for it and we show you exactly what we paid for the property at Auction/Trustee Sale.

Skin in the Game/Professionalism: We put up our own money on every property we purchase were not just telling people to buy this or that property just to make a fee off them. We are principals putting our own skin in the game. We won’t bid or buy something foolish even if a customer has shown interest in buying the property from us. This happens, our aversion for risk saves us both from a headache and that is one of the reasons why our clients feel comfortable doing business with us opposed to the many others.

Protecting your investment call us today and ask us how.

Now, is the once-in-a- lifetime opportunity to build an appreciating real estate portfolio for you and your heirs.

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what we offer

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    Fix and flips

    Fix and flips have never been at a better value in the metro Phoenix area. Many are priced well below replacement costs. We can provide honest, qualified contractors to help you fix the property for maximum return should you need one. CALL (480) 970-3310

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    Investment Properties

    You can be assured, as an investor, we only purchase homes at auction which have the best value as a rental and maximum appreciation. CALL (480) 970-3310

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    Bid4U has investors ready, willing and able to help you finance your fix and flip or investment properties. The process is easy, to qualified buyers, and will maximize your profits. We will gladly put you in contact with several lenders, so you can choose the most competitive financing. CALL (480) 970-3310

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    Trustee Sale

    We are an industry leader at auction properties we know the procedures the inns and outs. We also helped to craft the current laws in Arizona. We have daily auction lists and follow every property everyday that’s in foreclosure. Find out more